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Everyone has a job to do, even bugs. However, their job description ends where your property line begins. If ants, fleas, wasps or bedbugs, rats, mice, or another other pests have crossed that line, call Target Pest Control right away. We'll let them know in no uncertain terms that your home is a forbidden zone!
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gone means gone for good

At Target Pest Control, having to redo a job really bugs us. That's why we only hire exterminators who meet and exceed industry training standards and have passed pre-employment screenings with flying colors. 

nowhere to run, or hide 

Target Pest Control's technicians know how bugs think. We know where they like to hide, and the sneaky ways they make you think they're gone when they're not. We have news for beetles, ants, stink bugs, mice and every other pest on the block: you've met your match! 


Target Pest Control knows that eradicating a pest infestation is important to you, but not at the expense of endangering children, pets or houseplants. Our treatment methods are fast and effective. They're pretty friendly on your wallet, too. Call us to see just how cost-effective our services are, starting with your free estimate!
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